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Suede and Nubuck Protector Aerosol,suede and nubuck protector aerosol,Tana Suede Protector,tana suede protector aerosol,Suede Protection,suede protection
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Suede & Nubuck

Protector (aerosol)

Size(s): 120g

Footwear Material

For all colours of suede and nubuck.


Water and stain resistance.


Contains a fluoropolymer formula that dries quickly to protect napped leathers and makes them last longer. Creates an invisible shield to repel the elements and prevent dirt from setting for easier cleaning.


  • Remove dirtClean article thoroughly prior to protecting.
  • Remove dirtHold can upright, 15-20 cm away and spray entire article in a circular motion.
  • Remove dirtDo not saturate. Allow to dry.
  • Remove dirtRe-apply every 8 to 10 wearings for optimal protection.