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Suede and Nubuck Renew,suede and nubuck renew,Tana Suede and Nubuck Renew,tana suede and nubuck renew,Suede Renew,suede renew
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Suede & Nubuck Renew

Size(s): 130g

Footwear Material

For suede and nubuck.


Restores and renovates colour.


Contains silicone and dyes to refresh and restore the appearance and colour of suede and nubuck, making them look like new again.

Available in:

  • BlackBlack
  • BrownBrown


  • Before applying, use Tana® Suede & Nubuck Block to remove surface dirt and restore the nap to shiny areas.
  • Stuff article lightly with paper to remove creases and protect inside of shoes.
  • Hold 15-20 cm away and spray the entire surface lightly and evenly.
  • Let dry.