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Repair Glue

Size(s): 113g

Footwear Material

All types of sport footwear.


Repairs and prolongs shoe life.


A clear adhesive compound that effectively repairs tear, punctures and loosened soles. Provides extra waterproofing at seams and stitching. Easy to use and durable.


  • Remove dirt and grease from surface. Use sandpaper to rough up area, surface fibers must be opened for adhesion.
  • Use point in cap to puncture seal in tube. Apply directly onto area to be repaired and use spreader stick to spread evenly.
  • Allow to dry overnight.
  • To guard against splitting at the toe area, apply a generous amount to the front of shoes.
  • Apply to seams, welts and stitching for added waterproofing.
  • For holes worn through, use a reinforcing material such as cloth, rubber or plastic mesh, to bridge the hole on both sides of the sole.