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Premium Polish in a Tin

Size(s): 32g

Footwear Material

For shiny, smooth leathers.


Superior shine and covers scuffs.


The ultimate wax formula polish. This superior combination and higher concentration of waxes provides a harder and more durable high gloss finish.

Available in:

  • Black, blackBlack
  • Dark Brown,dark brownBrown
  • Medium Brown,medium brownMedium Brown


  • Remove dirt,remove dirt,how to shine shoes,How to Shine ShoesRemove dirt and dust with a clean cloth or brush.
  • Apply Polish,apply polish,how to shine shoes,How to Shine ShoesApply with a cloth or dauber brush.
  • Allow to Dry,allow to dry,how to polish shoes,How to Polish ShoesAllow to dry.
  • Buff,buff,how to shine shoes,How to Shine ShoesBuff to a high gloss shine.
  • Apply Additional Cream,apply additional creamApply additional, thin layers and buff with cloth for an extra high shine.