leather liquid wax,Leather Liquid Wax,liquid wax,Liquid Wax,Shoe Shine,shoe shine
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Liquid Wax

Size(s): 75ml

Footwear Material

For shiny, smooth leather.


Shines, conditions and covers scuffs.


A premium, self-shining formulation of waxes with lanolin for nourishment and dyes to colour and cover scuffs. Dries to a natural shine. Easy to use sponge applicator.

Available in:

  • Black,blackBlack
  • Dark Brown,dark brownDark Brown
  • Neutral,neutralNeutral


  • Remove dirt,how to shine shoes,How to Shine ShoesRemove dirt and dust with a clean cloth or brush.
  • Apply in Rotation,apply in rotation,how to polish shoes,How to Polish ShoesShake well with cap on. Press on shoe to open valve and apply evenly in a circular motion.
  • Shoe Shine,shoe shine,how to shine shoes,How to Shine ShoesLet dry, no buffing required.