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It’s almost Spring my Fashionista’s and in this yucky, wet, and salt stained time of the year, I thought it would be a good time to just go over a few things that Tana® can do to help you keep your favourite shoes and boots looking their best.

Sport Shoes

I’m starting with sport shoes, because as the weather warms up, I know that I cannot wait to get outside and start moving around. I love how my sport shoes look white and clean, so I use the following to help keep them looking their best.

My shoes always look a little dirty after a long run. To ensure I keep them looking their best, I use the Tana® Sport Cleaner. With this product, you just spray and wipe; it couldn’t be easier. This cleaner works on leather, nylon, and vinyl, and can be used on all colours.

I also use the Tana® Sport Whitener. This keeps my shoes looking their whitest. Keep in mind; this product is for genuine or man-made white sport shoes.

Leather Footwear

This section is all about using the right product to clean and protect your favourite leather and patent leather shoes and boots. There is nothing worse than seeing my favourite boots with a big salt stain running over the toe of them.

To get rid of those terrible salt stains, you need the Tana® Leather Cleaning Lotion. This product is gentle and it conditions and cleans the leather. You can use the Tana® Leather Cleaning Lotion on all shiny, smooth leather footwear, and it is suitable for all colours. This product can even be used on those great matching leather accessories.

Suede and Nubuck Footwear

The best way to keep your suede and nubuck shoes and boots clean is by using the Tana® Suede & Nubuck Cleaner. This product removes most stains and spots, as it softens the material. It also comes with a really handy bristled cap that will help you clean and restore the nap, keeping your suede and nubuck babies looking their best.

For more details on other Tana® products take a look at our website You’ll be able to find all the instructions for use, so you’ll know which products are best for you.

Until next time Fashionistas.