Comfort and Fashion, is it Possible? Posted by: Tanalina Post Date: September 25, 2012 No Comments
  1. The answer, my fashionistas, is a resounding YES! Now, I won’t lie, fashionable and comfortable may cost you a little more, but you will absolutely get what you pay for – comfortable, fashionable, well made shoes. With the fall coming up, and your most comfy sandals having to be sadly put away, now is the time to go shoe shopping!

    There are several designers out there who are creating these magical shoes, and below are just a few of my favourites for the season.

    Born® Shoes

    These first two pairs are made by Born® Shoes. Their shoes are all hand crafted and made to be fashionable and comfortable. Both pairs have a rubber sole that helps with shock absorption, and are made with natural materials (leather and suede). The heels for both pairs are 3 ¾” which is manageable and perfect for the office.

    Clarks ®

    The next two are made by Clarks® Shoes, and are also beautifully crafted, comfortable shoes. What makes Clarks® shoes so comfortable are the OrthoLite Foam foot beds, and the leather interior. They are two of the most comfortable shoes on the market, and super cute!

    Cole-Haan ®

    The beautiful shoes of Cole Haan® are the next two to be featured. These shoes are fully leather lined, and are made with natural materials (suede and wool in the case of the above shoes). While these shoes have a higher heel than the previous examples, what makes them comfortable is the concealed Nike® AIR Technology in the heel and forefoot of the shoe.

    Sofft ®

    Last, but certainly not least, are Sofft® Shoes. These shoes are the epitome of fashion and comfort. Sofft® shoes are made with natural material as well, and are beautifully constructed. The unique comfort of these shoes comes from the Sofft® signature comfort footbed, which makes it easy for these shoes to be worn all day.

    The common denominator with all of these shoes seems to be that they are made with natural materials, such as leather and suede. Since they are made with natural materials, they tend to be more expensive, so you’ll want to protect them as best as you possibly can in order to preserve their look and feel! Tana® can help with that. When you purchase any of these great shoes, please be sure to ask your Tana® dealer which products are right for the protection of your fabulous new shoes.

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