Top 10 Fitness Shoes for 2012 Posted by: Tanalina Post Date: August 3, 2012 No Comments
  • I love the Olympics! I love everything about them – the patriotism, the coming together as a nation, the camaraderie, the pride you feel when any athlete from your country competes. I was so excited and filled with pride while I watched the opening ceremonies, and especially watching the parade of athletes (the part with the Queen and Daniel Craig came in a close second, it was pretty awesome!). So, in honour of the Olympics and all of the excitement that goes with them, I thought this would be the perfect time to talk about the top 10 fitness shoes for 2012.

    1. For those of you who like to walk, whether its just casual strolling to power walking, the New Balance 895 is for you according to my research. This shoe is really lightweight and super flexible, as well as supportive. These shoes have a stable, foam midsole, and an egg-crate-inspired designed outsole. These shoes are perfect for any kind of walking you need to do.

    2. The Mizuno Wave Creation 13 is the best shoe for any heavier runners. This shoe provides a firm support without a spongy, squishy foot-strike. This shoe’s midsole features two plastic plates that are separated by rubber shock absorbers, which gives the runner a lot of support and protection.

    3. The trail runners out there will love the Saucony Peregrine 2. They have a low-cut ankle, and are flexible and lightweight. These shoes have a carbon-rubber tread and a built-in rock plate, allowing for running on all sorts of terrains and quick recovery if you trip on rocks or roots on the trail.

    4. I know there are a lot of runners out there who suffer from piriformis syndrome and/or long-term foot pain. The Asics Gel-Kayano18 is the best shoe if you are suffering from either of those conditions.These shoes are very comfortable and supportive. They come equipped with an external heel counter that holds the runners foot in a firm and gentle position.

    5. If you are like me, and love to cycle, then I have the perfect shoes for you. The Specialized Torch TR is the best cycling shoe I have ever worn. These are made for women (sorry guys), and are a clip-in shoe that has a very good arch-supporting midsole. The reason that the midsole having a great arch-support is important is that it will help to keep you properly aligned while you are riding. The shoe is well ventilated, and has an injection-molded and glass-reinforced outsole.

    6. The Reebok RealFlex Transition is rated as the best cross-training shoe for 2012. Whether you are on the stairclimber, or doing a total-body workout, these shoes are made for you. They are breathable and offer a lot of bounce. The mesh upper of the shoe makes them lightweight, and they have a ton of cushioning for giving you comfort when doing any jumping exercises.

    7. For those of you who want to have the barefoot-inspired experience when running, the Merrell Dash Glove is the shoe most recommended. This shoe only weighs 5.8 ounces, which helps with that barefoot feeling. These shoes are flexible but they still have a lot of support. This shoe lives up to its name with its snug fit, and because of its zero drop from your heel to your forefoot, you are always landing on the ball of your foot.

    8. The K-Swiss Blade Max is the best shoe for any of you that enjoy road running. The only downside is that these are really best for people with narrow feet, as the material of this shoe doesn’t have much give to it. Good news though, the upper of this shoe is seam-free, so this will reduce the likelihood of blistering. This shoe has Full Contact Road Control Bottoms, which are a flat-bottomed outsole, which means that the entire outsole is in contact with the road improving traction and stability for the runner.

    9. Fast runners, runners that over-and under-pronate, and people of all arch types, will love the Saucony Progrid Guide 5. These are made for both men and women. Its material wicks moisture away and is supportive for those runners with a midfoot landing. It has a cushioned design that helps keep the runner comfortable, and is lightweight and flexible.

    10. If you love to play tennis, you are going to need the Asics Gel-Solution Speed shoe. These shoes have an extra gel cushioning under your heel and forefoot, providing a ton of shock absorption. These shoes offer a lot of ankle support, primarily because of the memory foam in the heel. These shoes help the player move well and provide a good grip to reduce slipping.