Christian Louboutin Celebrates 20 Years Posted by: Tanalina Post Date: July 11, 2012 No Comments
  1. I’m sure many of my fashionistas out there will agree with me when I say that Fashion designer Christian Louboutin’s red soled, sexy shoes are the shoes that their dreams are made of. This year, the French shoe designer is celebrating his 20-year anniversary.

    In celebration of this milestone, Christian Louboutin unveiled a new capsule collection. The collection contained 20 styles of shoes and 6 handbags that were inspired by Louboutin’s work over the past 20 years. The styles from this collection ranged in inspiration from the Artemis Paris to La Pluminette.

    The capsule collection featured mesh knee-high boots, brightly coloured pumps, feather-decorated showgirl-esque heels, bow-adorned transparent peep-tow shoes, as well as, holiday sandals, embellished flats and crystal covered shoulder bags.

    Below are just a few of my favorites from this amazing collection:

    Also in celebration of this monumental anniversary, London’s Design Museum held an exhibition from May 1, 2012 to July 9, 2012, which featured hundreds of pairs of Louboutin heels – my idea of heaven! This exhibition celebrated an extremely successful brand, and showcased Louboutin’s designs and inspiration over the last 20 years. The exhibition showed visitors every stage in the making of Louboutin’s fabulous shoes, from initial design and prototype, to construction and production.

    Louboutin gets a lot of his inspiration in the burlesque world, and was even asked to be the first “guest creator” in the history of the legendary Parisian cabaret club, Le Crazy Horse. So, it was not a surprise that one of the biggest highlights of the event was a massive 3-D hologram performance by burlesque star, Dita Von Teese. It has been reported that the burlesque performer transformed from the silhouette of a Louboutin stiletto to do a dance performance on stage and then turned back into the stiletto.

    Louboutin, speaking about this milestone for his label, was quoted saying, “In France, 20 years defines a generation. This is a celebration of the first generation of this brand; an anniversary of its first young adventure.”

    Christian Louboutin has had amazing success and is truly a leader in the shoe fashion world. I can’t wait to see what the next generation of Christian Louboutin has to offer.