4 inch heels – prepare yourself! Posted by: Tanalina Post Date: February 10, 2012 No Comments

You’ve just bought a new pair of heels and they’re fabulous, amazing, and perfect. The only thing is they’re 4 inches, which is taking you to new heights. I assume you already know how to walk in heels because 4 inches aren’t for beginners. Now you just have to train yourself to walk in these new taller heels.

So where should you start? Well it’s always good to start off with some stretching. You’ll want to stretch your ankles and arches of your feet. Why stretch? Well you’re about to give muscles quite a work out. You’ll thank me later. To stretch out your ankles you’ll want to sit on the floor with both legs extended out. Then point and flex your feet, do this to the count of 30 for each foot.

Now that you’re all stretched out and ready to go, you can start to practice walking around. I vote you try your new heels out on a hard wood floor. Carpeting can make it hard to balance. Remember the basics for walking in heels and apply that knowledge to your new taller ones. They shorten your stride so put your heel down first followed by your toes. Then try a few catwalk strides. Go slowly now, we don’t want you to fall.

After all that stretching and walking around turn on some music and practice your best dance moves. You’ll be mastering your new heels and having some fun at the same time. Don’t be shy, no one will be watching.

My final advice is to make sure your new shoes are of good quality. The cheaper ones may look cute but are not designed for comfort. Now I know you’ll want to take those heels out for a test drive at the club, just take it easy. There’s nothing worse than falling down on that dirty floor, trust me any of the sexiness gained by your new shoes is instantly lost if this happens!