OH SO COSMO – Shoe Care Tips Posted by: Tanalina Post Date: January 20, 2012 No Comments

Fashion expert Adrian Mainella talks about winter shoe care. Using Tana of course!

Daphne Guinness – Fashion Icon Posted by: Tanalina Post Date: January 17, 2012 No Comments

Daphne Guinness grew up in Ireland and England, spending summer vacations at an 18th century monastery in Cadaques, Spain (what a life!). Being the heir to the Guinness Empire she has been able to do what she loves and share her passion for fashion with the world.

She recently introduced us to a world of couture clothes at an exhibition hosted by the Museum at Fit “the most fashionable museum in New York City.” Where we got to experience a fabulous collection of designers that Daphne loves. The exhibition ran from September 16th  2011 to January 7th 2012.

This exhibition didn’t just feature the most out of this world clothes but also shoes, of course, glorious shoes. Which in my opinion are a girl’s best friend, not diamonds, okay maybe diamonds are in a close second place. As apart of the collection there were shoes for almost every outfit, they also had a category all their own. You would find probably find some of them on the stages of Lady Gaga or Madonna.

Daphne gave us an opportunity to view what happens when art and fashion collide. “What draws me to fashion is art…and certainly not fashion as a status symbol…the exhibition is done for the benefit of those out there, students or otherwise, who share this love,” says Daphne. What a poetic take on the fashion industry, that it can be more than just clothes and shoes, but art.

We share your love Daphne and we thank you for showing us that heels are more than just an accessory. They are a piece of art that should be worn with pride. Lets check them out now. Enjoy it!

  1. Massaro heelless platform shoes in navy satin and rhinestones. Heelless looks like something out of science fiction. Love it!
  2. Brown leather boots with rhinestones by Nina Ricci. Peculiar
  3. Nina Ricci red suede and metal heelless platform shoes. Art work for your feet.
  4. Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. High heel platform sandals with black leather and floral-shape ceramic. It’s like walking on leafs, very spring, very cool.
  5. Alexander McQueen high heel short boots with studded black leather and metal. These boots look intense.
  6. Alexander McQueen brown leather and spandex “chopine” style with zipper. Now these are high boots.
* All photos from The Museum at FIT exhibit page
Save your Soles! Posted by: Tanalina Post Date: January 10, 2012 No Comments

New Year’s eve is certainly a fantastic night out, but I know women and men across the world woke up on January 1st to discover their shoes destroyed!!! Bars, clubs and parties can wreak havoc on a pretty pair of pumps. People step on your feet leading to scuffs, drinks spilled lead to stains and we all know a bar floor is never the cleanest or most sanitary location in the first place. So what to do? Throw them away and start fresh? Maybe, it depends entirely on the level of destruction. I snapped a heel last New Year’s eve and sadly that pair did not join me in 2011. But let’s say it’s nothing quite as drastic as structural damage and more cosmetic, let me provide a few tips to save your soles.

Red Wine / Cosmos / Cranberry Juice

It’s almost slow motion as you watch the glass teeter in a friend’s hand before she empties her merlot on your feet.  Immediately get some white wine, spritzer or soda (all available at the party hopefully) and blot – DO NOT RUB the stain.  Once you have the majority of the stain out clean and protect your shoe with the appropriate products depending on the material.

Process for the Leather Cleaner

  • Shake bottle well and apply a small amount of Tana Leather Cleaner lotion to your shoe and work into leather.
  • Allow to dry
  • Buff with soft cloth or finishing brush

Process for Suede & Nubuck Cleaner

  • Brush shoe with bristled cap to dislodge any remaining stain
  • Shake can and spray footwear evenly
  • Wipe clean with soft, dry cloth
  • Use bristled cap to restore nap

Once cleaning is complete and your shoes are back to their former glory spray them with a hefty dose of All Protector or Suede and Nubuck Protector, and make some less spilly friends.

General Floor Grime & Dirt

This is why I always wear black heels when heading out to a club or bar, because the floor seems to develop a veritable slime over the course of an evening. If it weren’t for loudly played music overhead I’m sure we’d hear the squelching of shoes across the dance floor.  So, let’s say you live dangerously and wore one of this seasons hot hued heels out on New Year’s eve and now they don’t look…. So hot. First off remember that depending on the type of fabric (and whether or not you protected them before wearing) the colour might bleed a bit when wet. Sadly if the shoes are microfiber and have really absorbed the terrible gunk you may have just lost a pair, move on. For leather; quickly remove any of the access dirt or grime with a damp cotton cloth then complete all other steps as outlined above. Once the surface is grime free you can use a polish that matches the shade of the heels in order to minimize any little scuffs or scrapes. Once they are back to their original brilliance ensure to coat those pumps with a healthy dose of All Protector. Now for suede or nubuck shoes, the bristled cap found on top of the cleaner will come in handy if the dirt and grime is chunky but if it seems sort of dry and ground in you can always use a Suede Cleaning Block to rub away any minor dirt. I use my cleaning block ALL the time on the backs of my heels as they get gross while driving resting on the car mats. Once you have gotten the dirt out, spray them with Suede and Nubuck Protector, a couple of coats is always better than one.

So there we go, hopefully I saved a pair of shoes or two from the trash pile.