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Adrian Mainella, fashion expert, talks about shoe trends for spring and how to care for your boots this winter  - using Tana products of course!

Tana on CityTv

Adrian is on a protection mission for footwear this season and followed up with this great article in:

The Huffington Post 







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Happy Holidays Fashionistas!  In the spirit of the holidays, (and because, like you, I looooooove shoes), I bring you the top 10 must have shoe gifts for this holiday season.

Number 10 – The Gift Certificate.  Some people look at this as an impersonal gift, but I think that the only thing better than shoe shopping, is shoe shopping where it doesn’t cost me a penny. So I say, give your shoe lover a gift certificate to their favourite shoe store to let them know you care!

Number 9 – The Shoe Ornament.  I want my Christmas Tree to be pretty and sparkly, and nothing says pretty and sparkly to me like a beautiful pair of shoes.  Just like in fashion, new and interesting styles come out every year.  So check out these fascinating ornaments in places like Hallmark, Carlton Cards, and many holiday specific stores.

Number 8 – The Purse.  Did you know that they make purses in the shape of shoes?  Well they do!  These are adorable and another perfect gift for the girl in your life who lives for shoes.

Number 7 – The Jewelry.  Another great gift choice is a charm bracelet with some shoe charms attached.  This gift is both beautiful and has the potential to turn into a collectible item.  This gift will be something that can be added to on birthdays, Valentines Day, and other gift giving occasions.

Number 6 – The Novelty Shoe.  There are so many novelty gift items in the shape of shoes, mugs, money banks, collectible ornamental shoes, etc.  My favourite one for this season though, has to be the high heel shaped wine bottle holder.  It is a great conversation piece and made me the envy of all of my friends at our last ladies dinner night.  I know what some of my friends will be getting for Christmas after that party.

Number 5 – The Foot Spa.  As most of you ladies know, especially those who wear high heels all day long, the best feeling in the world is getting those great shoes off and soaking your tired feet.  So, how about giving a foot spa or some aromatherapy feet treats?  You can personalize this gift to suit the taste of the recipient by giving them a delightful basket full of pampering foot lotions and potions, coupled with some pretty toe nail polish.

Number 4 – The Dancing Shoe.  Why not give your favourite shoe lover a reason to go dancing, by giving them a great pair of dancing shoes.  Be sure that they are a quality pair of shoes with a strap so that she can dance the night away. I found these sparkly soles on the Town Shoes website, the platform should reduce some of the pain without losing any height and the strap will ensure they stay in place!

Number 3 – The Shoe Phone.  A shoe phone is another fantastic gift idea for a shoe lover.  After searching around on the Internet, I was surprised at how easy these were to find, and how many different styles there are.  I just adore shopping online anyway, it’s so easy and convenient, and I can shop at my own pace and not have to worry about fighting those holiday lines.  Any shoe’oholic will love talking on a phone in the shape of the thing she loves most.

Number 2 – The Book about Shoes.  There are all kinds of books about shoes available out there for the girl who is both an avid reader and connoisseur of shoes.  These books range from coffee table photography/art books to books about shoe history and design.  They cover everything from Vintage Shoes to the history and drawings of Manolo Blahnik.

Number 1 – The Tana Products Package.  Of course the #1 Gift must be from Tana! I recommend grabbing a protector for every fabric type; Patent Care, Universal and Suede & Nubuck Protector as well as a cleaner for each; Leather Cleaning Lotion, Suede & Nubuck Cleaning Block and a Sport Cleaner – just in case they happen to be sporty as well fashionable;) Wrap them all up in a nice gift basket, perhaps including some of the other items above and get prepared for the high praise and thankyou’s coming your way!