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This may be short sighted in some people’s view but when I think of shoes in my short lifetime there are very few celebs who have totally blown my mind. Made a real impact, changed the face of fashion, impressed upon millions, etc.  There are a few, however.  In order of the most life altering to the least, I provide you the following list.

Lady Gaga

I mean seriously how can you say this woman has not revolutionized footwear?? There have been others before her that have pushed the boundaries of fashion.  Madonna, Cher, Prince, MJ, to name a few.  But Gaga, in my opinion, takes the cake.  I mean for crying out loud, she had a Shoe Piano! I found a great set of pics on the celebrity watching site toofab, that I just had to share! Some of these are a little gross but Gaga certainly knows how to push the envelope!


Back in 2008 Madonna was slammed by various anti violence groups for wearing the infamous Gun Shoes by Chanel to her movie premier filth and wisdom. Yet, like Lady Gaga, I somehow doubt she was overly concerned with what the public had to say about her fashion choices.

Killer Heels

Kanye West

Oh Kanye, always in the spotlight, forever getting himself in trouble for saying something totally inappropriate. But that man knows fashion! So much so, he was invited to create his own line for Louis Vuitton.  Can any one say lucky? Yes there certainly seems to be a horse shoe hidden somewhere as no matter what he does he seems to end up on top. Here is a pic of him in the red LV’s from his line.

Kanye's Louis Vuitton's

So there are my top 3, contenders? Anyone?

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Hey Tana fans!

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Recently aired on the Marilyn Denis Show was a fantastic feature on winter boot trends, Tana is promoted to help care for all these super stylish soles!

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Tana on the Marilyn Denis Show







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So fellow shoe fans, I’ve suffered a rather tragic loss this Halloween as I said good-bye to a favourite pair of boots. While trying to achieve the true rocker look I thought I’d stuff my skinny jeans into my knee-high boots. Apparently my legs are not quite as skinny as required when it came to the stability of the zipper on my boots. They lasted a good portion of the evening, but while dancing the night away I suddenly realized my right knee-high seemed to have taken on the appearance of a slouch boot. The zipper had snapped right off and into the melee on the dance floor. So SAD :( However, as a big believer in a silver lining to every cloud, I prefer to focus on the fact that now I get to go Boot Shopping!!!

Now of course a lady such as myself cannot simply purchase any old boots I need to find the perfect pair. Like many I begin my search online, looking at the latest trends for Fall/Winter. After that HUGE storm that hit the US northeast, I am thinking seriously about appropriate winter footwear. I’m thinking we’ll likely get a TON of snow this year, and I can’t be sliding around in 4-inch heels, though after they plough that’s the first thing I’ll be putting on.

Chunky soles are back, which though practical for winter remind me far too much of the late 90’s, a fashion period I’d rather forget. We are also seeing a return to socks with heels, occasionally I can imagine wearing this look with a cute pair of argyle socks, but paired with the popular loafer style heel I feel that “nerd-chic” is just plain nerdy.  Where we see real variety, and hope to cling to, is the material that boots and booties are made of this season. Leather is an old stand by but more often we are seeing fantastic suede’s, reptile leathers and patent leather gracing the store shelves. For those of you wondering how to take care of these different materials I’ve included a product recommendation with my boot shortlist below.

So here are several of my picks for my new boots, I’d love to hear your feedback on which pair I should get so leave a reply and let me know. They’re so different, but I pine for all three!!!