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Fall Fashion Trends

Polka dots, 60’s flair, bright-saturated colour, long full skirts, the list goes on! All with one awesome undertone, that fall should be FUN! Out with the drab neutral browns and grays that often start to creep into our wardrobe this time of year, and in with rich sumptuous shades of emerald green, cobalt, violet, and deep orange reds. There seems to be very few rules about the application of all this killer colour. But for those of us who need some instruction here are a few key points:

Bright Coloured Dresses, Skirts & Pants

This year a solid bright coloured frock will replace your standard LBD, and thank goodness, because lord knows your sick of putting it on for every single event.  These bright dresses and skirts are best worn with sheer black stockings.  Bright coloured pants are best in skinny-jean or jeggings style, paired with an adorable matching ballet flat they’re perfect for everyday wear. Avoid playing it safe with neutral shoes and take it to the top with a pair in a matching hue. It’s amazing, but this season even matching makeup is OK! However if you start to feel a little too colourful go super natural with your eyes and skin and accent with bright cherry lips.  So you wonder, where can I find these Technicolor soles? Here are a few of my picks, the Partyy-R from Steve Madden are fabulous, and even have rhinestones on the stiletto!  I also LOVE the heavy hued platform bootie combo seen at Town Shoes with this stellar pair by Kate & Mel.

So you say to me “Tanalina those shoes are amazing, but the heels seem a little high and won’t those bright colours fade?”

Well my fellow fashionista’s I am here to help. Those heels ARE high, but aren’t they always? My recommendation is that you visit the Heel Solutions section of our website. There are a number of insoles and small gel pads, for your heels, arches etc. These are a lifesaver if you want to wear these daring darlings all day and night (which I know you do!)

And fading? No problem, your first step in shielding them from fade out is by using an appropriate protector spray for the material. Shoemakers are dying everything this season, leather, microfiber, suede and more, so check the material before purchasing the appropriate Tana product. BEFORE you wear them, spray them with a nice coat of protector, I generally repeat this process once a month for best results. If they get dirty or wet (ugh snow) as soon as you get home wipe them with a damp cloth and leave them somewhere warm and dry.

Now for my fashionisto’s, there a couple of trends I feel the need to speak on. Number 1 – rolled pant cuffs, now I’m not trying to be a hater but someone is going to need to convince me this looks good. In the past the only reason for rolled hems was a delayed visit to the tailor, now it’s fashion! But here’s the thing, it’s popular and if you’re trying to keep in style you better do it right. Pants to roll; jeans or casual canvas style pants, that’s pretty much where I draw the line, as rolled up dress pants, frankly look weird. Shoes need to look fresh, as these rolled cuffs are going to draw people’s eyes down to your feet. The type of shoe will vary based on the overall look you want to achieve. I’ve seen them paired with a Keds style sneaker loafer for that “spent my summer in the Muskoka’s” look, or a pair of Converse and white socks for the laid back skater style. For the ultimate retro cool wear rolled cuffs with matching socks and a true Wingtip loafer.

Which brings me to my next point Wingtips! A lot of men own a simple pair of these for work or formal functions. Today’s designers advise that they are OK for every day! The key here is to get a really good pair, heavy soled made of quality leather. Frankly they look pretty great with everything but sweatpants (and ps. Stop wearing sweatpants). To keep them looking their best I suggest using an All Protector spray before wear and keeping a Rapid shine sponge in your briefcase or car so you can polish them up on the go.

Here are a couple of pairs that caught my eye available at the Shoe Company.

Camel Coloured – by Fred Perry (camel coats are a male trend this fall so make sure to coordinate!)

Wingtip by Fred Perry

And of course your standard black – by Rockport

Wingtip by Rockport