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Hi I’m Tanalina,

First off let me welcome you to our new and improved website, designed with you in mind. We’ve made protecting your loved ones even easier with product recommendations and an easy to use store locater where you can find your closest tana retailer.

As a representative of Tana and a dedicated fashionista I look forward to bringing you the latest and greatest in shoes throughout the year.  With each shoe trend I promise to explain how to protect your precious pumps, booties, knee-highs, flats and even some recommendations for the male shoe-a-holics out there! At Tana we know that you LOVE your shoes, and there is nothing worse than heading out with brand new kicks and the very next day awaking to see your precious pair laying, destroyed with salt or dirt stains. The HORROR!

I am here to answer all of your questions about Tana and provide suggestions for proper care. So ask away, you can always respond to any blog that I post or email me directly at