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Hello out there to all my Fashionistas!  The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and toes are now officially free from the shackles of closed toed shoes and socks!  With that in mind, I thought this would be the perfect time to talk about the top 5 summer shoe trends for this year.

1.    Pastels are huge this summer all over the fashion world, and shoes are no exception. Bright, yet subtle, pastel colours add a little whimsy to your summer fashion.

2.    Metallics are in this season. This look isn’t just for evening anymore, whether its sandals or prom shoes, you can find metallics everywhere this summer.

3.    Pointy heels are back in style.  Some of you may cringe, while others jump for joy—this really is a style you either love or hate. However, love them or hate them, the buzz is that this style is a staple for this season.

4.    Rainbow and multi-coloured shoes are also a huge trend this season. These bold colours will help you add vibrancy to your outfit and make you feel great, even if you’re stuck in the office.

5.    For those of you who shy away from bright, bold colours, you are in luck. Black and white shoes are also very in-fashion this summer, the colour combination is a timeless classic.

Summer is undoubtedly my favourite time of year, everything is so bright and colourful, my shoes included! With all of these great summer options to choose from, your shoe closets are going to have a lot less room in them. Don’t forget to ask about the right Tana® products for your summer shoes when you make your next purchase.

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Spring is finally here fashionistas! The big question is, are you ready to let everyone else see your feet? Winter is rough on our feet, and like the rest of our body, we need to give them the attention they deserve, especially before we let them out for the world to see.

Below are just a few tips for you to consider:

Let your feet breathe. A long winter of closed toed shoes, and boots, especially if they are high heeled, can make your toes look squished or like hammertoes. If you notice this about your feet, then you should try walking barefoot more at home. This will allow your feet to relax and it helps to strengthen the muscles in your feet.

Soak your feet. I love being able to soak my feet in a warm bath, after a long day. It’s one of the best things that you can do for your feet. Not only is it relaxing, but it helps to soften dry skin. I personally like to soak my feet with a few drops of mineral oil and lavender, but I will leave it up to you to choose what to soak them in.

Soften them up. As soon as I am done my foot soak, I pick up my trusty pumice stone and gently rub the dry skin and callouses off my feet. Now they feel rejuvenated and ready for my favourite moisturizer. Afterwards, they’re left feeling soft and sweet smelling.

Treat yourself to a pedicure. One of the best feelings in the world is having someone pamper your feet. Why not try a bright, fun, spring colour? Take a few friends, get a pedicure and have some lunch, and make it a “girls day out”.

Use Sunscreen. Now that your feet are free and exposed to the sun, it’s very important to take care of your delicate skin. Be sure to apply sunscreen to avoid getting a nasty burn, and the dreaded sandal tan.

Avoid Blistering. We all know the perils of switching into those fabulous sandals for the season. I’m talking about blisters. To avoid blisters, try applying a thin coat of petroleum jelly where the rubbing is occurring to decrease the friction that causes blistering.

Keep your feet comfortable. Finally, we have all experienced the foot pain that comes from switching shoes. To help with keeping your feet comfortable, Tana® has some excellent insoles to keep your feet from slipping and to add some support to those beautiful shoes. You can see all of these great insoles here, and research which of these products works best for you.


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It’s almost Spring my Fashionista’s and in this yucky, wet, and salt stained time of the year, I thought it would be a good time to just go over a few things that Tana® can do to help you keep your favourite shoes and boots looking their best.

Sport Shoes

I’m starting with sport shoes, because as the weather warms up, I know that I cannot wait to get outside and start moving around. I love how my sport shoes look white and clean, so I use the following to help keep them looking their best.

My shoes always look a little dirty after a long run. To ensure I keep them looking their best, I use the Tana® Sport Cleaner. With this product, you just spray and wipe; it couldn’t be easier. This cleaner works on leather, nylon, and vinyl, and can be used on all colours.

I also use the Tana® Sport Whitener. This keeps my shoes looking their whitest. Keep in mind; this product is for genuine or man-made white sport shoes.

Leather Footwear

This section is all about using the right product to clean and protect your favourite leather and patent leather shoes and boots. There is nothing worse than seeing my favourite boots with a big salt stain running over the toe of them.

To get rid of those terrible salt stains, you need the Tana® Leather Cleaning Lotion. This product is gentle and it conditions and cleans the leather. You can use the Tana® Leather Cleaning Lotion on all shiny, smooth leather footwear, and it is suitable for all colours. This product can even be used on those great matching leather accessories.

Suede and Nubuck Footwear

The best way to keep your suede and nubuck shoes and boots clean is by using the Tana® Suede & Nubuck Cleaner. This product removes most stains and spots, as it softens the material. It also comes with a really handy bristled cap that will help you clean and restore the nap, keeping your suede and nubuck babies looking their best.

For more details on other Tana® products take a look at our website You’ll be able to find all the instructions for use, so you’ll know which products are best for you.

Until next time Fashionistas.


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Love is in the air my Fashionistas. I love Valentine’s Day (probably because my favourite colour is red, and I love being in love). This is the ultimate date night; a night for flowers, chocolates; and especially romance. So it only fits that you want to look your best, and what better way to top off the perfect romantic outfit, then a perfect pair of shoes.

I have spent some time, for all of you fashionistas out there, researching and hunting down the most amazing shoes for this special night. It was hard for me to pick just 5 or 10 out of all the options that I found, so I thought I would give you some options in a few different types of shoes. Here are the shoes that made the top of my list.

Closed Toe Pumps

Closed Toe Pumps



High Heel Boots

High Heel Boots



As the always-fabulous Christian Louboutin once said, “There is an element of seduction in shoes that doesn’t exist for men. A woman can be sexy, charming, witty or shy with her shoes.” I always think about which one of those traits I want to express when picking my shoes for the evening, and so should you. Once the shoes are picked out, the rest of the outfit will be a breeze.

So ladies, whether you are going out on a romantic date with that special someone, spending a quiet and romantic evening at home with that special someone, or going out with the girls to find that special someone, I hope I have given you some great shoe inspiration.


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Happy New Year Fashionistas! I hope everyone out there had a very happy holiday season.

As we all know, with a New Year come new possibilities. Everyone makes their New Year’s resolutions, with the intentions of sticking to them, and this year I will be sticking to mine. My number one New Year’s resolution this year is to lose weight and eat healthier, and so far so good. I know for myself, after all of the holiday food and treats, it feels great to eat a little healthier and work out my body a little more. My BFF also has the same resolution, so we are working out together, and we are giving each other encouragement and support, which always makes it easier. I highly recommend getting a friend to do physical activities with, it makes it more fun, and you can push each other a little, which is great motivation.

When getting into shape and changing your diet, it’s always a good idea to speak with your doctor and/or a nutritionist to go over your specific dietary needs and your weight loss goals. This ensures that you will be losing weight safely and the right way for your body.

Another very important part of physical activity is, of course, having the right kind of shoe. When buying sport shoes, be sure to let the sales person know what kind of activities you will be doing, so that they can direct you to the proper shoe to wear. The proper shoe will not only make your workout more comfortable, it will also help to prevent foot and ankle injuries.

There are sport shoes on the market for every type of physical activity, from running, walking and hiking to aerobic, tennis and basketball. There are also cross-trainers if you are planning to encompass multiple physical activities in your workout routine. With all of these choices, it can be very difficult to pick the right shoe, which is why it is important to ask the sales person at the store, as they are the professional, and have the knowledge to direct you to the right fit for your needs. Be sure to let the sales person know if you are performing a certain type of exercise three times a week or more, as this will also help them find the shoe for you.

It’s always best to try on shoes in the afternoon or evening, or even after you workout, as your feet are the biggest at those times. Make sure to try on your shoes with sport socks to ensure that they are a good fit (if you wear orthotics, be sure to bring those with you to try on shoes as well), and walk around a little in them to make sure they are comfortable. You should also be able to wiggle your toes in the shoe, and there should also be about ½ an inch between your big toe and the end of the shoe. Be sure to bend the shoe as well, to make sure that they aren’t too flexible and that you will have the proper support.

As important as it is to pick the right shoe, it is equally important to take care of those shoes. To keep them looking and smelling good I recommend using the Tana® Sport Care line, they even have the Tana® Heel Zorbs, to give you extra shock absorption for that extra bit of comfort. By clicking here, you will be able to see all of the Tana® Sport Care products. Make sure to ask your shoe sales person, for the Tana® Sport Care product that is right for your new shoes, to keep them looking and smelling like new.

Until next time Fashionistas.


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It’s that time of year again, Fashionistas! A time for spending time with your loved ones and really enjoying all that the season has to offer. If you are like me, then you love seeing the look on someone’s face when you give him or her that perfect gift that you thought so hard about. With that in mind, below are some great gift giving ideas for that shoe lover on your list.

The Gift Certificate: Now I know that people think this is a thoughtless and impersonal gift, but in all honesty, I would rather give the person the opportunity to pick out shoes that they really love, rather than picking out something that they may never wear. Let’s face it; there is nothing better than shopping for shoes in your favourite shoe store when it doesn’t cost you a thing.

Gift card
Pedicure at the Spa: This is a gift that is always welcomed. Give that special shoe lover in your life the gift of pampering herself. I know that I feel absolutely wonderful after a pedicure, all my troubles and stresses just melt away the second I sit in that massage chair and put my feet into that warm, bubbly water. That special person could also probably use a facial and a massage and a manicure – hmmm – you probably should make it a whole day at the spa (you’re welcome ladies).
Jewelry: Good things come in small packages, and I love those little packages. If you have someone on your list that is crazy about shoes and jewelry, then the gift of shoe earrings couldn’t be more perfect. These are cute and fun; and best of all they are shoe shaped.

Novelty Shoe Gifts: There are so many great, kitchy novelty shoe gifts and gadgets out there. Everything from high heel retro phones, to USB sticks in the shape of shoes. Whatever your shoe lover’s taste, there is something out there for them. Below are just a couple of fun things I found.

The high heel cake lifter
The high heel cake lifter.
The stiletto chair
The stiletto chair.
The high heel phone
The high heel phone.
USB Sticks in the shape of high heel boots
USB Sticks in the shape of high heel boots.
Tana® Products Package: One of the greatest gifts is the gift of care for those amazing shoes in our shoe lover’s collection. So, of course, I recommend grabbing a protector for every fabric type for that special person. Available in stores are the Tana® Leather Patent Care Aerosol and the Tana® Suede & Nubuck Protector. Don’t forget to buy a shoe cleaner too. Tana® offers cleaners such as the Tana® Leather Cleaning Lotion, Tana® Suede & Nubuck Cleaning Block, and last but not least, a Tana® Sport Cleaner for taking care of those sports shoes she will be wearing as part of her New Year’s Resolution. To really be creative when packaging these great products, why not take an old shoebox and decorate it. Then stand all the products up inside, wrap some pretty coloured cellophane around it, and finish it off with a big bow, and, voila! You have a great gift for that special someone and their special shoes.

Tana® Products Package
Happy Holidays to all of you, and a very happy New Year!


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Well fashionistas, after the blog about great boot trends, it is only fitting that I give you some advice on how to keep those boots looking their best. Tana® has so many great products to do just that.

Tana® Cleaning Lotion

For those great leather boots there is the Tana® Cleaning Lotion. It gently cleans and conditions smooth and natural leather footwear and accessories, to prevent drying and cracking, and leaves a renewed appearance.


  • Remove loose dirt with a soft brush or clean cloth
  • Shake bottle well and apply a small amount onto a clean, soft cloth and work into the leather. Allow to dry, buff with a soft cloth or finishing brush

Tana® Patent Leather Care

To keep those sexy patent boots looking their best, use Tana® – Leather Patent Care. This product can also be used on pearlized, metallic, and reptile leathers, to keep it clean and revitalized. Tana® – Leather Patent Care has a combination of cleaners, waxes and silicone oil which is specially formulated to clean, condition and preserve the gloss of these specially treated types of leather.


  • Remove dirt and dust with a clean cloth or brush
  • Shake well, hold can 15-20 cm away
  • Spray entire surface in a circular motion
  • Shine with a clean, soft cloth

Tana® Suede and Nubuck Cleaner

For those of you who love their suede as much as I do, then you have to use Tana® – Suede and Nubuck Protector and Tana® – Suede and Nubuck Cleaner products. These products can be used on all colours of suede or nubuck.

The Tana® – Suede and Nubuck Protector has a formula that dries quickly to protect napped leathers and makes them last longer. It creates an invisible shield to repel the elements, and it prevents dirt from setting on to the fabric, which makes for easier cleaning.


  • Clean article thoroughly prior to protecting
  • Hold can upright, 15-20 cm away and spray entire article in a circular motion
  • Do not saturate. Allow to dry
  • Re-apply every 8 to 10 wearings for optimal protection

The Tana® – Suede and Nubuck Cleaner cleans, conditions and restores nap. This is specially formulated to remove most spots and stains, while softening and conditioning the material. This product has a bristled cap for cleaning and restoring the nap of the material, which is really handy, because you can carry it with you at all times.


  • Brush suede or nubuck to remove dirt
  • Shake well, hold can 15-20 cm away and spray footwear evenly
  • Wipe clean with a soft, dry, colorfast cloth

If you have a light coloured boot, please just be aware that the material will darken during the treatment, but it will dry to its original shade.

Tana® Style 16

If you aren’t 100% sure of the material of your boots, you can use the Tana® Style 16® – Universal Protector. This product is for all colours of genuine or imitation leather, suede, nubuck and fabric. The great thing about this product is that you can use it on handbags, luggage, wallets, briefcases, and other accessories. This is a product that is always in my closet, as it always comes in handy. I should tell you however; you can’t use this on patent reptile, metallic leather, or vinyl.

The Tana® Style 16® – Universal Protector repels the elements and resists stains. The product has an advanced formula that creates an invisible shield that lets the material breathe as it repels the elements and prevents dirt from setting for easier cleaning.


  • Item must be clean and dry
  • Hold can upright, 15-20 cm away and spray entire article in a circular motion
  • Do not saturate. Allow to dry
  • For maximum protection, reapply regularly

These are just a few of the amazing products that Tana® has for taking care of those great boots. You can find all of these great products at your local store that sells shoes.


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One of the greatest things about fall is the boots, as I’m sure many of my fashionistas out there will agree. So I thought that it would be a good time to talk about the hottest boot trends for Fall 2012, and believe me when I say, you won’t be disappointed!

The first thing on the list has to be Ankle boots (shorter boots or booties as they are sometimes called). This style is very hot this year with many designers releasing their own style. You can get them in every heel height, from flat and kitten to wedge and stiletto and everything in between.

Ankle boots

Another amazing trend is the over the knee high boots. These boots have a sleek and sophisticated look and are great for both casual and dressy occasions. They are sexy and powerful and will absolutely make you feel that way. These look great with your favourite tights or skinny jeans.

Knee high boots

For those of you who like that comfortable edgy feeling, military boots are for you. This style has a lace-up front closure and comes in more neutral colours. These boots come in a flat sole, which makes them easy for everyday wear, and are a comfortable mid-calf height. You can also get them in a sexy stiletto heel for a fun night out on the town.

Military boots

The greatest trend for all of these boots is that you can get them all in a detailed style which gives them a fun and flashy feel. I am talking about glitter and sequins, animal prints and great textures. I love these for adding a lot of fun to any outfit.

Flashy boots

After reading about all of these great boots for 2012, I hope that it has inspired you to go out and find that great pair of boots that you just can’t live without. Please remember to take good care of your boots and keep them looking their best. The best way to do this is by using Tana® cleaners and protectors. Tana® has a wide range of products for any type of shoe. My favourite is the Tana® All Protector® which is excellent for most types of footwear, including all colours of genuine or imitation leather, suede, nubuck and fabric.


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Happy Fall to all my fashionistas! I know many of you might not be crazy about the fall because it is so close to winter, but I love it. The beautiful colours, the crisp cool air, and of course – the new shoe trends. Every season brings with it so many great new trends for your feet.

I know many of you out there will be glad to hear that the Chunky Heel is back! I was ecstatic to hear that, as I find them much easier to walk in than your classic stiletto, and they look fabulous with dress pants, or a great pair of jeans. The cool thing about the chunky heel coming back is that this season’s selection features chunky heels in a wide variety of heights, including lower heels for when you are feeling that vintage outfit, and when the retro mood hits, the higher chunky heels are there for you.

Chunky Heel

The Classic Pump is also making a comeback. I’m talking about the classic pointy-toe shoe, with that soft almond shaped toe. Just so we’re clear, I’m not talking about those really elongated pumps. The classic pump really is a shoe that fits nicely into your fall wardrobe. It can be dressy and business casual, is a great compliment to any outfit.

Classic Pump

For those of you who don’t like to wear high heels, and prefer a flat shoe, this Fall offers your feet a treat. There are quite a few great styles for the Fall, so I just picked a couple of my favorites.

The Dress Loafer is the first. This shoe gets its inspiration from men’s smoking slippers. These come in a variety of materials, but my personal favorites are the lush materials like velvet and suede. These loafers are dressy, comfortable and streamlined like the slippers that inspired them. They come in a variety of rich colors like black, plum and burgundy, and for those of you with bolder tastes, you can get them with glittery finishes, embellishments, and even in animal prints.

Dress Loafer

The second choice for flat trendy fall shoes is the Neon Sole Oxford. Oxfords have been popular for a few seasons, but this year they have been given a fun and funky upgrade with the neon sole. This shoe has been seen generally as a more masculine looking shoe, but with these new soles, it adds a great soft feel to them, and makes them just a little bit prettier.

The last trend that I’m truly excited about is the Chunky Ankle Boot. This style is the IT style for fall 2012, and I couldn’t be happier about that. I LOVE the ankle boot. They look great with dresses, jeans (bootcut, straight, and skinny), and dress pants, and are a must for any woman’s shoe collection. The heels of these boots, while offering a comfortable bit of height, are thick and sturdy, so you can wear them everyday.

Chunky Ankle Boot

As we all know, the weather in the Fall can be unpredictable, so no matter what shoes you are wearing, make sure you are protecting them. Tana® can help with that. When you purchase any new shoes or boots, please be sure to ask your Tana® dealer which products are right for the protection of your fabulous new shoes.

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  1. The answer, my fashionistas, is a resounding YES! Now, I won’t lie, fashionable and comfortable may cost you a little more, but you will absolutely get what you pay for – comfortable, fashionable, well made shoes. With the fall coming up, and your most comfy sandals having to be sadly put away, now is the time to go shoe shopping!

    There are several designers out there who are creating these magical shoes, and below are just a few of my favourites for the season.

    Born® Shoes

    These first two pairs are made by Born® Shoes. Their shoes are all hand crafted and made to be fashionable and comfortable. Both pairs have a rubber sole that helps with shock absorption, and are made with natural materials (leather and suede). The heels for both pairs are 3 ¾” which is manageable and perfect for the office.

    Clarks ®

    The next two are made by Clarks® Shoes, and are also beautifully crafted, comfortable shoes. What makes Clarks® shoes so comfortable are the OrthoLite Foam foot beds, and the leather interior. They are two of the most comfortable shoes on the market, and super cute!

    Cole-Haan ®

    The beautiful shoes of Cole Haan® are the next two to be featured. These shoes are fully leather lined, and are made with natural materials (suede and wool in the case of the above shoes). While these shoes have a higher heel than the previous examples, what makes them comfortable is the concealed Nike® AIR Technology in the heel and forefoot of the shoe.

    Sofft ®

    Last, but certainly not least, are Sofft® Shoes. These shoes are the epitome of fashion and comfort. Sofft® shoes are made with natural material as well, and are beautifully constructed. The unique comfort of these shoes comes from the Sofft® signature comfort footbed, which makes it easy for these shoes to be worn all day.

    The common denominator with all of these shoes seems to be that they are made with natural materials, such as leather and suede. Since they are made with natural materials, they tend to be more expensive, so you’ll want to protect them as best as you possibly can in order to preserve their look and feel! Tana® can help with that. When you purchase any of these great shoes, please be sure to ask your Tana® dealer which products are right for the protection of your fabulous new shoes.

    Shoe Brands are property of their respective owners and are not affiliated with Tana® products.